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Why is Regular Ductwork Cleaning So Important?

If you have a heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) asset, on your site, it’s vital that you know how to maintain these. It’s unlikely that you would have been told how to care for your ductwork systems by the installer, so we wonder- do you know why ductwork cleaning is so important?

What’s included in the ductwork cleaning process?

Firstly, it’s important that you understand ductwork cleaning involves. Ductwork cleaning is sometimes carried out by professionals and hopefully these are fully trained to handle ventilation systems. But sometimes they are NOT! A true HVAC professional inspects systems initially for damage. Creating a vacuum within the system is vital to make sure the contaminants end up where the expert needs them to terminate –in a HEPA-filtered Negative Air-Mover Collection device. This is so that the team can take the machine away from site with all that noxious debris contained in the collector bags of the unit for safe opening and disposal.

The dislodging and safe capture of this contaminant needs a large toolkit of special agitational devices. The reason that a wide variety of tools to remove this build-up is needed is because dirt, dust-content and bio-load vary enormously in stickiness, age, weight and resistance to breaking up. The expert team will use certificated HEPA-vacuum machines with ultra-long wide hoses, air lances and powerful jetting devices attached to compressors, electric rotary brushed with as many as seventy different brush configurations dependent on the debris profile identified by the technicians. ‘Close-Quarter’ personal attention cleaning devices for all of the internal parts of a system will almost certainly be needed. This could involve delicately protecting the sensor devices in the duct, hand-vacuuming turning vanes, variable control dampers, fire damper blades, attenuators (silencer pods) and many other internal devices, all of which collect dust and debris. Many duct technicians will also clean the other components of your system such as grilles and louvres to provide as thorough a service as possible. They will inform you if this is their plan prior to commencing work.

Why is ductwork cleaning so important for your ventilation system?

There are many reasons why regular ductwork cleaning is crucial for your HVAC system. Here are just three of the main reasons why businesses, warehouses and other workplace buildings should invest in routine duct cleaning from a competent company:

Better airflow and air quality

Regular ductwork cleaning results in a better quality of air and a more consistent airflow throughout the system. The cleaner your ductwork, the fewer airborne allergens circulating throughout the system and into the air available to breathe. Good airflow dilutes substantially airbourne contaminants such as dust, pollen or bacteria so that you can avoid triggering allergies.

Increased energy efficiency

A cleaner ductwork system has to work less hard. This is because there are fewer blockages preventing the air from making its way around the system. The less your system has to work, the less energy it consumes in the process. This results in substantial energy savings, which is healthier for your business’s energy bills.

Lifespan of your ductwork system extended

Cleaning your ductwork system on a regular basis can actually have a positive effect on the overall lifespan of your system. This is because it prevents the build-up of dirt and other nasty elements on system components such as the heating and cooling batteries (or coils). When the batteries of your ventilation system become damaged, they will prematurely fail. It stands to reason therefore that investing in the cleaning of your ductwork on a regular basis will save you money in the long term.

What happens if you don’t regularly clean your ductwork?

Failing to look after your ventilation ductwork with regular cleaning can lead to a plethora of problems that any business or other work environment should strive to avoid. The cost of hiring ductwork cleaning specialists is much cheaper than the consequences of grappling with he issues you may encounter if you don’t. These issues include: 

Premature failure of your system

Dirt and other bacteria can quickly build up within your system. This build-up results in the ongoing decay of your system. Typically, ductwork and HVAC systems can last anywhere between 15 to 25 years…with proper care. Neglecting your systems means that it won’t last as long as it’s intended to, resulting in a costly replacement potentially years earlier than you would have done with regular cleaning.

Triggering of allergies and discomfort

Especially in the summer months of the year, airborne allergens can very quickly accumulate in areas such as ductwork. These allergens then get pushed out of the system by the airflow and into the occupied zones. If someone suffers from allergies such as hay fever, they will soon begin to experience their triggering symptoms, which include itching face and nose, sneezing, coughing and watering eyes. It’s an overall unpleasant experience that could be minimised with regular cleaning.

Higher energy consumption and consumable bills

For smaller businesses, low bills are crucial for financial survival and growth. One of the most prominent bills that may affect this are your energy bills. The cost of paying for ductwork cleaning is far smaller than the steep energy bills coming your way if you don’t clean your ventilation. This is because the fan has to work up to 30% harder to push air through the system, resulting in much higher energy consumption – and a pretty nasty energy bill. The same goes for your belt and filter replacement, leave this to the ventilation cleaning and maintenance experts.

How do you know when your ductwork need cleaning?

There are many tell-tale signs that your ductwork is due a clean. In general, you should try to aim for a thorough duct clean every five years. However, if you notice any of the following, don’t just wait for your next air hygiene maintenance call:

• Excessive amounts of dust or dirt being expelled from ,or collected on the supply and extract grilles and louvres in the ceiling

• The smell or noise of rodents, whether flying or scrabbling around nesting within the system

• Mould growing on the duct surface and the surrounding ceiling -with that attendant dank fridge odour?

Sense any of the above? The problem won’t go away. Consult with our ductwork cleaning technicians today for advice.

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