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What is local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and why would your company need one?

Many work areas especially in the manufacturing sector can create harmful contaminants in the air, these can be inhaled by employees and others in the building. Local exhaust ventilation, also known as LEV, is a system that transports contaminants in the air away from breathing zones to reduce workplace exposures to harmful contaminants.

There are several reasons why you would need to install LEV, regularly inspect and carry out LEV testing in your workplace. Aside from the main benefit of keeping your employees safe, there are laws that require you to create a healthy working environment. By using a local exhaust ventilation system, you will create a safer working environment for your employees.

Some types of work emits fumes, vapours, and other hazardous particles into the air. If the work process itself cannot be changed to reduce the contamination produced then local exhaust ventilation is the best way to reduce exposure to harmful contaminants. There are many dangerous particulates that workers can be exposed to. For example, workers can even have problems that come from breathing in flour dust, paint fumes, chemical fumes and more. These types of particles are well established causes of health problems, such as asthma, lung cancer, or other types of lung diseases. Using local exhaust ventilation will protect people from respiratory damage when the air would otherwise be dangerous to breathe. Installing a LEV system in your workplace and then following the required statutory inspection and testing of the system will help ensure that your employees are safe and lower their risk of getting respiratory and occupational diseases. It will also improve the safety of your work environment.

LEV Testing Requirements

The COSHH regulations requires LEV testing for all local exhaust ventilation systems, by a qualified and competent person. Our engineers at Ventilation Surveys and Services are fully qualified for the statutory inspection and tests.

LEV testing is mandatory and is used for any type of equipment that captures dust or dangerous particles in a work environment. You undertake a thorough inspection and test to check your LEV system every 14 months.

At Ventilation Surveys and Services Ltd we offer LEV testing nationwide in the UK and Northern Ireland..