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Ventilation Hygiene Services To TR19 Guidelines BS EN 15780

Commercial ventilation system maintenance and ventilation hygiene inspections are a statutory requirement under Regulations 5 and 6 Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

British Standard BSEN15780 sets out the required criteria for the regular inspection of commercial ventilation systems, along with BESA TR19 there is a clear path for inspection and testing of ventilation hygiene.

Why are ventilation inspections required?

Regular ventilation system maintenance, ventilation inspections and testing will ensure that clean and efficient levels of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are delivered to the indoor areas. These will help to reduce issues of workplace sickness, COVID-19 aerosols, and reduced energy efficiency within the buildings served.

Why choose Ventilation Surveys & Services Limited?

Ventilation Surveys and Services are able to provide a full ventilation inspection and ventilation hygiene services that test all building and premise types, including Healthcare, Commercial, Residential, Retail, Hospitality and Educational environments.

Visual inspections along with preferred vacuum test (PVT) of dust deposits allows us to provide clear and definitive guidance as to when ventilation systems require cleaning or remedial repairs as per TR19 guidelines.

Ventilation hygiene assessments are undertaken in accordance with BESA TR19 second edition guidance, VSS utilise Preferred Vacuum Tests (PVT) along with visual assessments to determine the ductwork condition. All of our samples are analysed by an independent laboratory and results are incorporated into a full condition report.

Existing access doors will be utilised or new ones installed if required.

Cleanliness Quality Classification BS EN 15780 & BESA TR19

Table 1 A.1 – Typical applications of cleanliness quality classes

Quality ClassTypical examples

Low – Rooms with intermittent occupancy e.g. storage rooms, technical rooms

Medium – Offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, theatres, residential homes, shopping areas, exhibition buildings, sport buildings, general areas in hospitals and general working areas in industries

High -Laboratories, treatment areas in hospitals, high quality offices

Other Inspections Undertaken:

Fire Damper inspections and smoke damper inspections can be undertaken as per BS9999:2017 by our team of specialist inspectors and maintenance teams.

Ventilation inspections will be undertaken via either existing system access points or by the addition of new access doors or openings to commercial ventilation systems.

We have specialist inspection systems for the accessing of the ductwork systems. Robotic CCTV units can be guided through the ductwork by our skilled operators to provide real time footage of the system condition.

CAD drawings can be provided or amended to indicate the ventilation system components and layouts. Access points and test locations can be added.

HTM 03 01 healthcare surveys and inspections can be provided by our team.