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VSS Acquire new robotic cleaning machine.

The first cleans undertaken using the new innovative cleaning equipment has allowed VSS to limit disruption to occupied spaces. The robot has allowed longer runs of ductwork to be accessed, cleaned, and inspected with less need for access panels and less intrusion to occupied areas. The Robot has the ability to clean larger ducts with the correct selection of large brush heads attached to the machine. VSS will be investing in new innovative equipment for their site-based services throughout 2021 to continue to build on their success in 2020. CEO George Friend stated “We are delighted to have successfully trialed the new Robot on several projects in late 2020 that gave us the confidence that the new robot could deliver the correct level of cleaning and added versatility to our site-based services. We see the investment in this new equipment as essential to maintaining our position as the innovators and leaders in new techniques in our industry”.