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Commercial Air Conditioning Services

At almost any commercial site, air conditioning is so important for the comfort of your staff, customers, and visitors. A wide variety of commercial premises can benefit from having effective air conditioning, including offices, shops, and hospitality businesses. Choosing an effective commercial air conditioning service can have significant benefits, ensuring that your system is professionally installed and cared for so that it works efficiently whenever you need it.

Ventilation Surveys & Services offer a professional and reliable air conditioning service that includes commercial air conditioning installation and maintenance. We work with commercial organisations across the whole of the UK to install economical and compliant air conditioning and to maintain it on an ongoing basis. In this blog, we discuss the importance of air conditioning installation and maintenance at commercial premises in greater detail.

What does air conditioning installation involve?

The install work air conditioning depends on the type of unit you choose. Commercial environments typically use central or ducted systems, split systems, or multi-split systems. Each type of system has its own benefits and is suited to different types of sites. Regardless of the type, it’s vital that air conditioning installation work is always carried out by professional engineers to ensure accuracy, safety, and high performance.

Split systems

Split systems are appropriate for controlling specific rooms and might be best-suited to small businesses, for example, a single room office. These systems are comprised of separate indoor and outdoor units. Installation involves connecting the units using piping and cables, allowing the refrigerant to flow between the inside and the outside units to cool or heat the space as desired.  A benefit of this type of unit for commercial settings is that the larger and noisier unit is housed outside, meaning it causes the minimum of disruption to business operations.

Multi-split systems

Multi-split systems work in a similar way but connect a number of units together. This is appropriate for controlling a larger site with multiple separate rooms. Each indoor unit can be controlled independently, reducing energy use and saving costs whilst maintaining comfort. This characteristic also gives greater control over your comfort.

Ducted systems

Ducted systems make use of ductwork and grilles to deliver and remove air from a large amount of separate airspaces or rooms. The whole system is controlled by one single unit that’s often installed out of sight in the basement or on the roof. Installation typically involves connecting the internal unit to an external unit but at commercial properties, it’s sometimes possible to combine both units into one external unit. A large benefit of doing this is that it can save a lot of money in recovered and recycled heat. These units can be bulky and more expensive than split systems – professional air conditioning experts like Ventilation Surveys & Services can advise on the most appropriate system for your needs.

Servicing and maintenance

In a commercial environment, we recommend having the air conditioning system serviced on an annual basis. Adhering to this is important even if you believe that your system is operating correctly. Regardless of how well the system is functioning, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance because units that run without receiving regular servicing can gradually lose efficiency, forcing the system to work harder to achieve the same level of performance. This might eventually lead to the unit breaking down and needing more significant repairs or a total replacement more quickly.

Annual servicing should be sufficient for an air conditioning system that are operating as normal. There are certian signs that your system needs maintenance more regularly. For example, noisy or dripping units, units that haven’t been used for a long time, or units that are in near-constant use may need more regular maintenance to keep them in peak condition.

Regular servicing and maintenance ensure that your air conditioning continues to work efficiently but also ensures safety. The refrigerant in the air conditioning units is a hazardto human health. Leaks can be dangerous and it’s important that these substances are always disposed of appropriately. Regular servicing and maintenance help to protect both the unit itself and the health of people working on or visiting the premises.

Do you need to install air conditioning or need maintenance services? 

If you need comprehensive and professional services for commercial air conditioning units, Ventilation Surveys & Services are the specialists who can help. We provide a range of valuable services including commercial air conditioning installations according to the individual requirements of your site. Our installation services give your business efficiency and value for money. We also carry out comprehensive servicing and maintenance work.

We create accurate digital records of the condition of your air conditioner before and after inspection or installation. This allows you to maintain accurate records of the condition of your unit as well as any additional work we do. When you choose us for your commercial air conditioning we go above and beyond an annual service. We carry out servicing and energy efficiency visits every six months to ensure that your system is always in optimum condition. Servicing visits also include a thorough cleaning of the unit to help it run effectively.

Why install air conditioning?

There are numerous benefits to installing air conditioning at commercial sites. Keeping your staff cool and comfortable can boost their productivity in any working environment and can also decrease employee absenteeism. This is because appropriate climate control can improve health outcomes. For customer-facing businesses, air conditioning can also improve customer comfort and satisfaction, leading to an improved reputation for your business. Another advantage of installing air conditioning is that it’s a more cost-effective solution than using multiple fans to cool the space.

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