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BESA Webinar

Building owners, managers and occupiers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of comprehensive fire safety risk assessments in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy and imminent changes to legislation.

As a result, the role of fire and smoke dampers has gained unaccustomed attention. What has often been a widely ignored part of a building’s safety systems is now sharply in focus with clients anxious to meet their statutory obligations. 

This has obvious implications for damper testing regimes, best practice and the competence of the firms employed to locate, test, and maintain these safety critical devices.

BESA has, therefore, updated its technical guidance for Fire and Smoke Damper Maintenance, which it is making widely available to support the industry’s efforts to improve the overall safety of buildings.

Join BESAs webinar at 12pm on  20th April for an introduction to the guidance followed by a wide-ranging discussion with a panel of experts who will, among other things, debate how the industry needs to step up to the mark on damper maintenance; the end of the ‘tick box’ risk assessment mentality; and the need for complete and verifiable records.

Peter Rogers, Technical Consultant, BESA
Richard Norman, Managing Director, Indepth Services 
George Friend, CEO, Ventilation Surveys & Services